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Touchcalc Incorporated is making available handy apps available, not just for work but for recreation. (Check out our new blackjack game, BlackJastic on iTunes, designed and developed by Joey Fadem. Apps will either be available through the web at or apple or both.


Imagine software that is designed by doctors for doctors. It is fast, usable, secure, but most importantly fits your needs. Now add to this software developers who are cutting edge, have access to the latest hardware and software innovations and you have a winning team. Applications like HOSPITALS and SHIFTS are already being used, saving doctors time, billing and coding expense. These handy programs help doctors track patient care from the point of service, saving them time. Newsdesk

This novel technology was developed by Zvi Boshernitzan and Brian Rosenthal is the heart of The Nephron Information Center, and allows kidney doctors to keep up with the medical literature from one website.

Kidney Associates

Kidney Associates is a Houston-based professional team comprised of nice nephrologists and a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner. This team manages patients with various kidney disorders. KA manages patients throughout the Houston metroplex, and works closely with Davita to care for patients who require dialysis. KA works with Methodist Hospital and CHI St. Lukes Hospital in the care of patients requiring a kidney transplantation. The Houston Vascular Access Center (HVAC) is a fully operational interventional access center owned and operated by Kidney Associates to help preserve and maintain AV fistulae and grafts.

26 million Americans have kidney disease. I have been in practice since 1978 and have followed this field closely. Prevention and early management are the only ways that we can impact kidney disease. Kidney Associates is a clinical practice group in Houston that adheres to the highest practice standards and lives up to a deep commitment to helping patients with kidney disease.


The wiki is emerging as a major mechanism for developing giant collaborations of information. The wikipedia is a giant encyclopedia that is now more vast than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Since the content is open source and readily available it is subject to review, feedback and editing, and is amazingly accurate. This should also be true with a medical wiki, such as the kidneywiki established here using the same software. Qualified readers are encouraged to contribute to existing articles and to create articles of their own. The wikikidney help section will guide one not familiar with wiki writing. Creating and updating the content on this site give renal fellows a great opportunity to study a subject, expend and test their knowledge. If you would like a password, please contact

Kidney Bog

A weblog or "blog" gives us a way to generate in sort of a journal, one's ideas and post them onto the web. Using technology known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) these journal entries can be picked up as "feeds" by others interested in the same subject. Here distance and the instancy of communication diminish as a barrier to discussion. We are designed to bounce great ideas off of others, and it is the reflection of thought that gives it its dimension. Just as the bulletin board gives a dimension to the listserv, the blog gives a dimension to e-mail. Enjoy this blog, set it up as an rss feed to your site and feel free to comment back.

TOUCHCALC Calculators:



We have combined a love for photography with a easy and quick mechanism to upload and display photos. Although copyrighted, these photos can be downloaded and used as your desktop background.

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ST LUKES PHOTO EXHIBIT (photo courtesy Eleanor Brown)


School Projects

Starting in the classroom has several advantages. The objectives of early awareness are to help students understand how the kidneys work and the role they play in health and disease. They need to understand the importance of salt, processed food and sugar in causing hypertension and diabetes, the leading causes of kidney disease. Finally, they need to become the ambassadors and role models for good health with parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. The Nephron Information Foundation is striving to coordinate with others who are also trying to achieve similar objectives. Given the critical shortage in health care workers and professionals, we want to encourage careers in the fields of medicine.

Find a Dialysis Unit Instantly

Dialysis patients are not restricted as they were in the past. This site allows them and their social workers to find a new facility rapidly when traveling. It was very useful during the hurricanes that hit the gulf region this summer. This site uses AJAX technology.


The calculators we have programmed over the past several years and many more will be available to download to your iPhone.

Find Food Values Instantly

Using AJAX, Brian Rosenthal, the software author of some of the other programs on this page, has developed a quick way to review the nutritional content of food. This is very helpful to patients on special diets.


The CKD-EPI GFR is the standard method used to classify kidney disease based upon the KDIGO Guidelines. The standard website calculation can be found at the National Kidney Foundation site or right here.


One can go to Changmai, Thailand and purchase a silk shirt. Within an instant, American Express has validated the purchase, credited the account of the proprietor and created a credit card transaction that the purchaser will have by the time of arrival back home. In health care things are different: The patient who arrives at the hospital cannot enjoy the "luxury" of our world traveler that the hospital will know what happened in the clinic or dialysis unit earlier that day, unless that information is faxed to the hospital. Data entry is a challenge for physicians and providers, but is overcome in restaurants and at the checkout counter. We are developing the technology to make it easy for our colleagues to interact with the computer.


Chickenfoot is an amazing new tool for enhancing your browsing intelligence. Check out this handy tool to quickly and automatically add references from Pubmed to the EndNote citation manager.

Useful Forms

Using forms and templates saves us time. Sometimes the computer is the most appropriate tool to use, but often it is not available and we must rely on pen and paper. Here, using a pre-designed template will give you the convenience and help you economize on your time. As forms are used and reused, they become streamlined and better. It is from these forms that computer templates are developed. As the tablet pc and wireless technology take off, you will see a transition from these types of forms to a computer entry system that will reduce redundancy and error, and will give the user built-in algorithms and a readily accessible knowledgebase.

Nephroquest - qKidney

There are several ways that information is shared - the question and answer section is designed as a valuable resource for kidney patients, and the general public wishing to learn more about kidney disease Many of the questions asked by one patient are often asked by another, and as the answers remain consistent, the bulletin board gives us the opportunity to create answers to frequently asked questions. At qKidney, the plan is for questions to be answered by professionals who are familiar with major principles of kidney disease. Answers providers create are voluntary and provided during their "free" time. Patients who use this site must consider responses as they would if reading a magazine article or watching a television show. Always ask your doctor - the one who knows your case.


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